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Kerala is the beautiful girl on earth, South west part of India, between Western Ghats of Hills and the Arabian Sea with an area of approximate 39,000 sq.km. It is blessed with endless beaches, lush green forests, mountains, waterfalls, fertile land, banana, pineapple, papaya, mango, jackfruit grows in abundance in Kerala and palm fringed lakes and backwaters

Kerala is a paradise for tourists is diverse in tourist destinations. Its 600km coast boarders with Arabian sea in the west and the western ghats reaching up to 2700 meters high boarders in the east. With the canopy of coconut palms, lush green plantations of rubber, tea, coffee and spices, extensible paddy fields and tropical cultivations makes this land ever green in all the seasons of the year.

A long shoreline with beautiful beaches is ideal for sun and sea bathing. Back waters and lagoons gives the tourist an opportunity to experience the enchanting boat cruise. Stay in a houseboat in a calm, serene and beautiful atmosphere with all facilities and food is worth remembering for a life time.


We are pioneer travel agents and tour operators in field of travel and tourism in Kerala handling Wayanad tour packages-Trekking packages,Munnar Tour Packages, Kumarakom-Alappey houseboat tour packages, South-indian hotel reservations and travel itineraries for Kerala Ayurveda, Honeymoon Packages, Leisure Holidays... We also offer most ideal tour itineraries and package tours to explore Kerala . Visit us at our site to chalk out your tour plan or write us your choice of destination with travel period and budget for an exclusive and customized holiday to : anishwayanad@gmail.com or info@wayanads.com

I want to travel,
To see new places,
To enjoy myself,
To go here and there,
To tell my friends
How many countries I know.
But I don't want to learn,
I don't want the work
Of learning new languages,
To communicate with people.
What I really want is to travel.
And when I come back
My friends will ask me
How was my trip,
I will answer "wonderful"!
I saw churches and museums
That I don't know the names of,
I had a drink with someone
Whom I couldn't speak with,
I had a guide book
Which I couldn't read.
So I stayed in the hotel
Wondering how wonderful it is
To be abroad.*

- Edjane Harris

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